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About 613

613_Melbourne bred, Melbourne focused.


613 formed with one objective in mind: to be a recognised force in the creative field. Our goal isn't $$$. It isn't fame. We want to make a difference in the world. We foster an entrepreneurial spirit, always eager to find new oppurtunities. We want to be an instigator of change.

There are two people behind 613. Husband/Wife team Carey & Kerryn Lee, started at different ends of the spectrum. Carey has 10 years experience in graphic design. From humble beginnings as a Junior Designer, to more recent undertakings as a Senior Designer for a small agency. 3 years ago, 613 was born. Aside from the 25 coffees a day, Carey loves music, vintage cars and more coffee.

Kerryn pours her passion into photography. Predominantly weddings and portraits, but Kerryn Lee Photography also specialises in corporate, promotional, real-estate and product photography. Kerryn is passionate about the plight of others, and aims to use her photo-journalism to benefit the third world through the release of a book in the future.


We are passionate about the following things:

Compassion Sponsor a child today.

Jesus Racing Support V8 Racing, that benefits others.

Kerryn Lee Photography Australia's Premier Wedding Photographer

Honesty & Integrity

We value your honesty and integrity. In return, you'll receive the same from us.