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Cost vs. Quality

The age old argument: how much is too much for printing? Sure all designers recommend not to skimp when it comes to printing, but the flipside to that argument is more about spending the appropriate amount considering the cost and effort of design. The two case studies to the right, illustrate the two extremes. From high end to budget printing. Never doubt the efffect shoddily printed matter has on the effect on an intended market. Its very real.

Case Study #1

Client: JAB Group Pty Ltd. Job: Corporate Identity
Business Cards & Stationery
JAB Group needed a highly effective solution and extremely potent in the 'wow' factor. They needed their market to look at their identity and be blown away. They had their logo, cards and stationery professionally designed by 613 and followed our recommendations. They printed their cards on a 320gsm KW Dogget Stock, Matt Cellosheen with raised print text. The result was definitely a 'WOW'.

Case Study #2

Client: Impression Plastering. Job: Business Cards
Business Cards & A5 Flyers
When IP approached us, their budget was minimal. They didn't pay for a logo or identity work, opting to go with a logo designed by a previous employee. While they used 613 to design them a business card, they opted to print it on a budget 220gsm Art Board. Not only did they smudge prior to delivery in the box, the result poorly represented their company, and in the end, didn't do them any favours.