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What is 613?

613 is a design group, based in Melbourne.
We're proud of who we are, where we've been and who we're becoming. We have over 17 years collective experience in graphic design & photography, and a client list that isn't huge, but extremely happy. For a creative, practical design & print solution, contact 613 now!

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Graphic Design: Our bread & butter.

We know graphic design. We know what makes it tick. But there's nothing like learning from experience. We don't spread our skills over every known expertise. We focus on what we're good at, so that when you use 613, you can expect the best.

No obligation, no hassle.

Everything we create, oozes personality.
Not just yours, but ours as well. Our work is uniquely created, which is reflected in our prices. Our quotes are built to suit each client. We're happy to give you an obligation free quote, and then make it work for you. We'll even work to your budget.

No asterisk. No fine print.


Recent Work - Harlan Buskes CD

Harlan Buskes is an up-and-coming progressive house producer hailing from Melbourne, Australia. His tunes are emotive, yet powerful and never fail to get us nodding our heads in the studio. The album artwork for 'A Day Without' is featued on i-Tunes, BeatPort as well as in good record stores. You can check out Harlan and his skills on i-Tunes or Myspace.

613 have been involved in the melbourne music scene for over 10 years. Flyers, print and online advertising, CDs & DVDs, we've got it covered.


More than just a card.

Business cards are a product line that we never seem to get sick of! Small business isn't simply about having a good card. Its about a professional service, excelling in customer care and an assurance that you know your product. What's the deal with logos & cards? Your first impression is a lasting one. If you could give your potential customer a card, with the above qualities written on it, you would. Why not show them this through a well designed card that says it all? Get a premium card now for only $135*!


Keeping up with the www.jones'

Has anyone told you, as a business owner that you HAVE to thave a website? Not true. You NEED to have a website. If you choose not to, you are cutting off a HUGE potential market. In fact 97% of small businesses own a computer, 78% use the web to place orders from suppliers, but a staggering 57% of small businesses in Australia have a website.

So the choice is yours. But be aware of the consequences. Don't say we didn't warn you!